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Most Recent Customer Reviews

Good Cleaning Tool

This helps you take out the big chunks of leaves/dirt. from the gutter, without having to climb a stair (with all the associated risks). It is used with a telescopic pole. Read more

Published 1 month ago by Amazon Customer 3

great buy

Recommend for use with Mr long arm extension pole. Works well invalidating the gutter without having to use a ladder.

Published 1 month ago by Christine S. Kull

Worth the money

The gutter cleaning tool works exactly as I had hoped. It is a relatively simple design and it is easy to get the hang of using this tool. Read more

Published 2 months ago by Michael P. Gamcsik

Another idea that doesnt really work.

Seems like it should work. But after alot of attempts, it really does not clear out the gutter. Dont bother.

Published 3 months ago by Timothy Puskas

Sure beats climbing ladders and getting on the roof

For years, cleaning gutters in the spring has been task I dreaded. I had been looking for an alternative solution, rather than hiring somebody to do it for about $100 each year. Read more

Published 3 months ago by Ted Frick

So So for the Money

I got this because I didn't want to clear my gutters in the rain and needed to unblock them. It worked for that, but is not a substitute for getting up on the ladder with a spray... Read more

Published 6 months ago by LawDawg

Couldn't find any better alternative

I just used it this morning. Because of lack of safer alternative for cleaning the 2nd story gutter, it's an better than OK product. Read more

Published 8 months ago by Tekki

Works great to get out those big chunks cloggin your gutters.

Saved a bundle. I bought an 20 foot aluminum telescopic pole and did my 2 story house in about 20 mins.

Published 8 months ago by Otoniel Ortega

Good enough

Picked up bigger pieces of oak leaves but had trouble with pine needles. Did what it's supposed to do. Only used it a couple of times this season so durability is still unknown.

Published 9 months ago by Ty L.

It Really Works

The product worked great on a very difficult gutter. Would highly recommend it. It was heavy work, so husband got the job.

Published 9 months ago by Gail L Engels

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful

Safe, effective way to clean your guttersOctober 14, 2011

By D. Block

I've been using mine for years (obviously you have to purchase an extension pole with a threaded tip). It works exactly as advertised--perfect tool for removing wet or dry leaves, it is light. simple to operate and durable. Simply follow the instructions, especially with regard to wrapping the rope around your hand, and keeping that hand on the pole as you operate it.

Some interesting drawbacks: After about 4 years of reliable use, the fish line broke--but I must say that replacing the line was easy, and it works perfectly again just like before (I had to go to the sporting goods store and buy a roll of fishing line of the same thickness). This next issue is important: You must keep the fishing line lubricated (I use Synco/Superlube 31110 Multipurpose Synthetic Based Grease spray--to not melt or otherwise affect the plastic). The lubricant is a must to avoid the fishing line from wearing the plastic. One more thing--this does not have to do with the product itself, but it is worth mentioning: You have to be careful not to strain your neck. Because when you are on the ground, looking up and cleaning your gutters, the tendency is to just keep on cleaning and looking up. And without realizing it, suddenly you've been looking up for a straight 20 minutes without resting, and well, you might not realize how much strain that puts on your neck. Best to rest periodically. In fact, the instruction sheet mentions this neck strain possibility, and warns of the importance of periodic rest periods. Interesting, huh? But otherwise, I love this product. No more lugging ladders, no more sticking my hands into wet leaves. Simply extend the pole, wrap your gloved hand around the rope 2-3 times, make sure the fishing line is lubricated, and start cleaning. It is not worth risking a fractured skull falling off a ladder. Buy the extension pole, the super lube, and some fishing line, and by golly, you'll have an easy to use tool that is safe and effective.

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful

lightweight but it has limited use November 20, 2011

By F. Ho

Amazon Verified Purchase

I purchased this tool through AMAZON.Com. Before I bought it,I did review all the reviews and videos on the web. I found the tool is indeed very light weight, since it is made of composite. It works well only for a gutter-full of dry leaves; not working well at all for wet debris usually accumulated in the gutter. Nor it works well with pine needles. To pick up the leaves (and other stuff) one need to make a 90 angle of the tool with the gutter trough; this is not as easy as you think. To work on the high-roof gutter, shown in one of the videos, is nearly impossible for me. It is very tiring to work with it, even for a 50ft length gutter. And the action of holding the pole while pull the string tight to grab the debris is simply not simple. Unless you have a very short gutter length and a small range house, don't buy this type of tool.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful

Gutter sense makes sense! April 2, 2012

By Kuroneko

This tool works but read on.

YES, it will pick up:
big debris
most pine needles
pine cones
clumps of dirt
debris from 2nd story gutters with pole extension and rope extension (more below)

NO, it will not pick up:
tiny debris (individual sand and grit from asphault shingles)
single pine needls
debris you cannot see

My story:
I attached this to a 24 foot pole extension from a home improvement store (50 buck). I also tied an extension to the string that is used to pull and close this tool. Yes, this pole will make the whole get up fairly heavy. So you need to buy a tool belt with pockets and you stick the bottom end of the pole into the tool belt (locked around your waist) as leverage when you have the pole fully extended to reach the 2nd floor gutters.

You do need some strength and coordination. It is not for weak or out of shape people. It is hard work! But if you think about spending 200 buck each time to have a gutter cleaner come out, then I would get myself in decent shape to save me money. For my setup, it was less than $100 (gutter sense+pole+tool belt+string) and I clean my gutters once in spring and once before winter.

This tool is made well and it does the job. It's not going to clean your gutters to a perfect shine. It will get rid of the big clumps of leaves and dirt so that water will flow. This is the only tool along with the extension pole that will help you reach those 2nd floor gutters .

I've had this tool for 2 fall seasons now. I am extremely happy with this tool and thank the small time inventor of this tool.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

This has no business working as well as it does! October 12, 2012

By J. M. Taylor

Amazon Verified Purchase

I wanted a way to help keep both mine and my parents' feet on the ground for the task of cleaning gutters on their house. I tried the leaf blower attachments (too heavy and unwieldy for the 'rents), the hose attachments (more messy than they are worth, and especially not welcome on chilly autumn days), and a few others. My biggest requirement was that they could be operated with the user on terra firma. Safety is a priority with me.

I then happened upon this device and almost immediately laughed - spring-loaded salad tongs on a pole?! Really?! Well, after having exhausted other options and having them fall short of my needs, I checked around the internet looking for reviews - there is even a video on YT from the inventor to show how to use this thing. I still wasn't 100% on board, but I bought it along with this: Mr. Long Arm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole, 6-to-12-Feetto get towards the second level of the house. Why not, right? I'll give it a shot and see how this goofy thing works.

Well, it does. As much as it looks like an infomercial product, the device works quite well. The wing nut up near the hinge allows you to change the angle of the Gutter Sense, so you can drop it into the gutter from various stances below the roof. The clasping mechanism is essentially just fishing line attached to a rope that you pull. You need to periodically put a type of lubricant on the line to keep it going, but I don't know the frequency of that chore off the top of my head. On the pole I bought, the rope comes up just short when fully extended. You can always tie on more.
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Product Description

Now gutter maintenance is easy from the ground, fits on an ordinary extension pole, is light enough to reach a two story gutter, grasps even pine needles, cleans beneath the supports and doesn't get you or the woodwork wet or blow the mess all over. Please note that the extension pole is not included! Adjust the tongs forward and you can use it to grasp out-of-reach lightweight objects.

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